Comments about the
Cradleboard Teaching Project

"This is the only thing of its type being done," says Livingston. "It is the best example I've come across of excellence in education technology. It is such a superb answer to the question: 'What are you doing with all that hardware?' and to the type of anti-computer backlash happening right now. Instead of having kids do Math Blasters, our kids are interacting in chats, live video conferences, e-mail, and via regular mail with children they would never encounter otherwise, while learning authentic Native American history past and present."

Pamela Livingston
Teacher, multi grades

"Stereotyping is hard to break. Unfortunately, many of our students have a Disney sense of reality. A project like Cradleboard takes something abstract and makes it concrete.”

Melissa Shein
Teacher, grade 4

“It gives mainstream children the opportunity to see that Native American peoples still exist.”

Katsitsionni Fox
Mohawk Teacher
Akwesasne Freedom School, NY
(Livingston, Shein and Fox all are participating teachers in the Cradleboard Teaching Project.)

“The Cradleboard Teaching Project. It speaks of hope, sharing, and cultural pride.”

“Highly motivational.”

(Comments from evaluation documents, the Native American Gifted and Talented Conference 1998, Albuquerque, NM.)

“I am 13 years old and I have been involved with the Cradleboard Project for 2 1/2 years. A lot of information and education has come from Cradleboard. I have learned about Religions that I haven't even heard of before. And with the science curriculum CD, I learned how other Native cultures survive and what they believe. Cradleboard has opened a lot of doors of opportunity for me which I am thankful for. We just can't wait to chat with our partner school again, and we are counting the days until we get to go down to visit them.

Mohawk student

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